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Elena Tovar began her musical career in Madrid forming Basilio Montes ( guitar ) The Private (1991 /95) ( Pop rock, mixture Pretenders and Bonnie Raitt ) band that performed more than 300 concerts all over Spain. She made collaborations with Club Night , Manolo Tena and Ramoncin In the winter of '95 she formed aband called ‘Alicante Band Clan’ by Juan Carlos Garcia (bat ) ( El Ultimo de la Fila ) and Lupo ( guit. ) ( Bluenaticos ) (Versions of classic rock & blues) and a Collaboration with The Satellites (country rock) Her new musical adventure born in Ibiza in duo format with Claudio Strafacce ( guit ) (1996/98). She collaborated in Versailles with Aristides (Sony / CBS) - In 98 she formed her first band in Austria -Brasil Jazz (1998/2000) by Austrian musicians featured, Stefan Gferrer ( bass) Emil Kristof . (bat ) , Karen Asatrian (piano ) Primus Sitter ( guit. ) This was a band of pure and classic jazz, Brazilian recreating classic.A collaboration in Destination (experimental fusion multiracial reggae -jazz - groove ) in the recording of the LP "Black & White" Sold Out in Support project ( 3 voices and piano) ( soul, gospel ). Involvement with the Interncional Arteca Swing Festival 2002 Ibiza INJUVE As a composer did much of the musical production on Private , being co-author of songs with Basilio Montes, Manolo Tena, Ramoncin , Destination She is currently writing and recording material for their new musical project " Mar Adentro" and making covers of Brazilian classics. Throughout the recent years Elena Tovar has worked to shape a handful of compositions and enriching their work recreating composition collaborations with musicians and authors of different nationalities and styles as Shy Zalman, Alberto Jimenez, or Basilio Montes. Once again, by showing the possibilities of voice record, points to a new musical experience based mainly on jazz and Brazilian music, however as undefined purist these styles and more on deepening the fusion of all the influences collected over his long career as a vocalist and songwriter. With his signature, but without defining styles, takes a tour of the most diverse genres fusing music’s and cultures. Overall she can do a range of music for a wedding on Ibiza.
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