Es Vedra Rock

Es Vedra, The big Rock

[rev_slider esvedra] On many peoples Ibiza wedding photographs you may notice a majestic backdrop of a large rock out in the Mediterranean sea providing a stunning setting for those special pictures . The rock is known as Es Vedra, a magical natural phenomena that has intrigued people from the dawn of time, and is still a highlight of a visit to Ibiza for many people today. This  mysterious rock towers 400 meters out of the water just off the coast of the island. It is actually  made out of limestone and is in fact two small islands off the coast of Cala D’Hort. The largest rock is Es Vedra and the smaller one is Es Vedranell which is around 128 meters high. Nobody lives on these rocks apart from some wildlife, a few wild goats, the common Ibizan lizard and a rare bird called the Elanora Falcon. Es Vedra has been the subject of many weird and wonderful tales and legends ranging from UFO’s, strong magnetic fields and ghosts to being a home to sea-nymphs and sirens. It has been said that there is a UFO base inside the rock and on November 11th 1979 a flight was redirected from this area to land in Valencia after strange lights were seen near the plane, which forced the pilot to issue an SOS signal. The plane was flying near Es vedra at the time on its way to Mallorca. It’s also said that when near the rock by either boat or plane the compass begins to spin due to the high magnetism coming from the rock. The rock has produced some wonderful stories over time and anyone who visits Ibiza and sees this rock will have their breath taken away by its magnificence. Near the rock is one of the pirate towers that has some of the best views of the rock its self. The pirate tower was used to look for enemy ships approaching the islands during the 15th and 16th century. If s ship was spotted they would light a fire on the top which would signal to the other towers around the island, putting them on a red alert for enemy attack. The rock has been used endlessly in photographs on album covers, magazines and much more and today people still use it as promotional tool, especially on Facebook.

So what’s it got to do with weddings?

Well first of all it’s significance and meaning  for most people is as a symbol of the island. It’s an excellent back drop for your wedding photos and brings magic into any picture as it is an iconic image of the Ibiza. Many people see Es Vedra as a symbol of luck; a magical fairy tale part of their wedding. Some couples believe that Es Vedra will bring good fortune and luck to their marriage. There are myths and legends surrounding the rock and people say it has mystical powers, It’s been a huge inspiration to many artists around the world and is an inspiration to anyone who sees it. It is also rumored to be  the tip of the sunken city of Atlantis. People also believe that healing energies radiate from Es Vedra. Kylie Minogue, in her battle against cancer, spent many hours sitting in front of the rock. Many people do this to harness its famous energy. Wellness gurus and Yogis spend hours meditating in front of the rock. Tanit , the Phoenician lunar goddess, who was worshiped as patron goddess of the island, used this area as a holy spiritual place. It’s also said that sacrifices took place on the shores during full moons to honor her. See More on Es Vedra here..
How to get to Es Vedra.
You will need to head down to San Jose, from then on you need to follow the signs for Es Cubells. On the way down to Es Cubells you will see a sign for CalaD’Hort. Follow this and you begin to see the top part of the rock as you get closer.