Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues, Churches and Restaurants

A wedding venue is the most important part of the wedding planning. Everything falls into place when the wedding venue is booked and confirmed. But how do you choose from so many places around the Island. Do want a beach wedding or in the beautiful countryside of Ibiza, or do you want to hold your wedding in a private villa or in a five star hotel.

The choice is quite large and every place on the Island has something special, Ibiza wedding venues which ever you choose will make your special day something to remember all your life. Remember the photos that will be taken on the day, so that your Ibiza wedding venue will play an important role in those photos that you will cherish all your life. Great memories the venue is the key.

Sunsets, Beach, Country side, mountain top, private villa, hotel, and even on a boat, Ibiza wedding venues could be anywhere  that you fancy. A wedding venue is the number one thing to think about when you marry on the Island. Choose carefully and if possible visit the venue before your special day and experience the atmosphere to see if its right for you.

There are venues dedicated to weddings that are well organized and ready for any demand put on them. Other good choices are well established restaurants who will give you the run of the whole restaurant just for your wedding. Restaurants will convert into Ibiza wedding venue quite easy. Some hotels on the Island will also hold your wedding which are excellent venues because of all the facilities within the hotel. A perfect Ibiza wedding venue for your blessing ceremony could be in our list below.

Ibiza wedding venues by clicking on the links below. All are direct to the owners of the establishments