Yearly weather on Ibiza

Ibiza to most people is known as an Island for hot sunshine, well that’s very true from the beginning of March right until the end of October the Island of Ibiza gets some very good weather. Blue skies are not rare at all, in fact the locals on the Island feel blessed when we get some clouds in the sky and a drop of rain. Hottest days on Ibiza are during the months of July and August; the heat can be like standing in a hot pizza oven. As high as 40 centigrade during the months of July and August. Lowest temperatures recorded were -5 in 2007, in 1965 they also had -5.

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January & February weather on Ibiza

January the temperatures are very cold as low as 2 centigrade are quite normal during the evenings and night. Day times can bring some pleasant and surprising weather; New Year’s Day on the beach with a bbq is common, if the sun is shining you can expect 20 centigrade, enough for sunbathing. Although January does bring some cold weather and some of the coldest temperatures recorded were in this month. On January 26th 2007 the coldest since 1965 the Island saw snow fall which even settled on the beaches.

February can also bring some of the cold temperatures but the temperatures start to rise with a slow introduction to spring and the sprouting of the Almond blossom which is a very beautiful attraction to the Island.

Beach in May

A beach in May on Ibiza

Summer begins

March and April temperatures are starting to rise into the 20’s and still can be cold at night, but the warm days are coming closer and spring rains don’t feel so cold and wintery.
May, officially the start of the Ibiza season when the first tourists start to flock to the Island. Still not up to its full temperature although sunbathing is common during May and suntan oil is needed.

June, July and August.

These are the months that sun begins to shine at its full strength and why so many tourists come to the Island for the Ibiza Weather. The Island is in full swing and most locals are praying for rain as the summer heat hits all of us who work and live on the Island. Tourists love it, it’s hot, beaches are full and most people are wearing next to nothing. Drinks are flowing and parties are rocking until the early hours of the morning in the top Ibiza clubs.This is also a time when alot of visitors come to the Island to get married and have a special Ibiza Wedding. August is crazy because it’s the peak time for the Island and it’s also peak time for the sun. The sun would be at its hottest from around 1pm to 3pm which causes most Spanish to siesta, It’s just too hot do anything, sometimes reaching well into the 40’s.

September is the cooling month

September is a very pleasant and most Septembers we get a big rain storm with a lighting show to never forget. Although the days are still hot you can feel a drop in temperatures compared to August. This is one of the best times of the year to have a wedding blessing on Ibiza.

October it’s now cooler

October is the breaking into the winter temperatures. It can happen fast or it can take the whole month to really notice the difference. Rain starts and lasts a few days leaving the air cooler and a chill begins, you know that winter is coming. Expect 25c to low as 15c during the day.

November, winter starts and cold days get colder. Now the season is officially over and most hotels have closed. Winter kicks in. Still can get some nice days, but the cold nights are a killer if you sat in the warm sun all day.

December, Festival month and it’s cold. Expect low as 10c and no warmer than 15c during the day.