Ibiza Florists – Flower Arrangements & Decorations

Perfect freshly cut flowers to decorate your venue and compliment your dress are an essential part of most weddings, the magnificent aroma filling the air – your own garden of Eden for a day. Hand-made wedding bouquets – classic, traditional or contemporary style, buttonholes, garlands or flower arches; you will be spoilt for choice.  

For centuries, throughout history flowers have been used in bridal bouquets, as centre pieces on the table and to decorate churches and reception halls.  Flowers are as integral as the dress, the cake, and the rings. Many weddings feature a rainbow of flowers in artful arrangements, but as life gets more complex, many couples are opting for the simplicity and elegance of white wedding flowers. 

Far from being monochromatic and unimaginative, white wedding flowers provide a classic, luxurious palette to create a tasteful, sumptuous setting or you may prefer bright yellow sun flowers to symbolize happiness, spring and new beginnings  or romantic trailing red roses – in the style of an English country garden. Flick through the photograph’s for inspiration and ideas or contact a florist directly who can help you pick a color scheme, shapes and styles. 

Couples select flowers not only for color, but also for sentiment and purpose, whether the flower is for a corsage or the bride’s bouquet. Size and texture is also a consideration, and different flowers can be varied for interesting and unique creations. Work with your florist to put together a beautifully coordinated flower arrangement for your big day.