Tamás Kooning Lansbergen


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Ibiza Photography

Tamas has lived and worked on Ibiza for the past 12 years, He was born in the Netherlands and educated in Europe. He has been published worldwide, magazines like Vogue who have featured his photographs. He has been described as “One of Ibiza’s most celebrated and accomplished Island photographers”, and companies like Nikon and Canon have honored him with prestigious awards for his publications in ‘yesterday’s News’ and ‘The Face’. His fine art skills and background in painting and sculpturing have given him an eye for detail that is easily recognized when looking at his photographs. Tamas has experienced that the natural light on Ibiza is of a special quality and he has found a way to bring this to life in his enchanting images. On weddings his approach is twofold; his technical rule is to ‘follow the light and the bride’ and he combines this with a professional eye for details and a strong feeling for intimacy.

Professional Wedding and Event Photography Services

Tamas will photograph your Ibiza wedding or event  in his own creative “journalistic” style with an eye for extra detail and attention.  He will photograph in an unobtrusive, story-telling style, which is meant to reflect the individuality of you and your guests as your wedding day unfolds. With many years of experience on Ibiza, Tamas has a set of unique Ibiza wedding packages to choose from. If your wedding will last for two or more days, please let him know, so he can make a custom and fitting quote for you.