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Ibiza Wedding Planning Timeline
October 29, 2016

Ibiza Wedding Cake Industry

Another year passes in the ‘wedding cake industry’. More people are becoming involved as cake making becomes such big business.

Of course, on Ibiza we still have the huge factor of the cake being presented in the heat. There is nothing better than having a wedding cake on display throughout the wedding meal. This brings its own problems of course. A good sponge cake (most wedding cakes are now sponge cake) which is soft with normally a soft buttercream filling or swiss buttercream filling. It is then covered in a dark chocolate ganache, finally covered with fondant icing.

The dark chocolate ganache holds the cake firm and in shape, although even the dark chocolate ganache  goes quite soft due to the heat we have on Ibiza. White chocolate or milk chocolate starts melting at 30 degrees…..  we often have far above that, so you can imagine how the heat is a big factor in the presentation of a wedding cake. Therefore, when speaking with your wedding cake maker, listen to their advice when choosing your wedding cake, as it all depends on where the cake will be presented, as most often the wedding meal is taken outside in the garden.

An experienced wedding cake maker is a must. Remember you only have one wedding and the cake maker just the same as all the other suppliers only has ONE chance to get it right. Be sure you are choosing experience over price, also have a good look at the previous work they have done.

If you are looking for a cake that is unique then make sure they are experienced in sugar craft work. If you are looking for fresh flowers to decorate, then the wedding cake maker should  be aware of which flowers are poisonous. Flowers are now raised with lots of pesticides sprayed onto them, this also needs to be added into the equation. With this being the age of so many allergies it is essential to take care of every ingredient and finishing product for your wedding cake.


Here is a useful list to ask your cake maker when ordering a wedding cake:

  1. Can I see some of your previous work, or do you have a dummy cake for me to see.
  2. What flavours do you make and can I taste examples.
  3. Do you have testimonials from previous clients.
  4. How much experience do you have.
  5. How many years have you operated.
  6. Can you help with creating a unique design.
  7. Do you know which flowers are poisonous.

Whatever or whoever you choose to make the most important cake of your life, I hope it turns out to be all you wanted and the cake of  your dreams.


Queen of Cakes Ibiza.

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