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Planning Your Wedding in Ibiza 2014
January 25, 2014
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Tips for Choosing a Wedding Cake
February 3, 2014
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cangall-ibizaThe beautiful Island of Ibiza with its amazingly simple landscapes, that creates perfectly simple scenarios for an ideal white wedding. The couples who want to marry on the Island of Ibiza and the ones already have understand the energy and vibes the Island produces to give that magical feeling. Weddings on Ibiza has become one of the biggest growing business sectors, meaning you the wedding couple can be take advantage of by the big sharks in the wedding business. Ibiza is competitive in every market because the Island is small, the wedding industry has plenty of people trying to take your money and plenty of people providing excellent services. So when organizing your wedding or using a wedding organizer be careful on who you use, these days anyone can be a wedding planner. The Island has a great number of residents who live and work on the Island and probably give the most genuine service towards a wedding and these are a minority rather than the ones who appear overnight and can organize everything for you at an incredible price!

We going to give you a selection of tips and guides for having a wedding on Ibiza, part of this site is a directory of wedding services who can be trusted and give what they say for a wedding.

Wedding Planners & Organizers

On Ibiza anyone can be a wedding planner they will run round getting all the people they know, being the middle man, to do the required services towards the wedding. They probably don’t have any real qualifications and just really in it to take a bunch of money from you the gullible couple. They will most likely add about 20% or more to the final price and get commissions from the services and venues they use. The best thing to do is get in touch with different people (services and venues) across the Island who are in the business and find out who is giving good results and good prices. Check out online forums like Tripadvisor for peoples reviews. This site has a selection of services that are all based on the Island who will all point you in the right direction for a wedding plan. Some venues will organize everything for you like a wedding planner, but they will use the services like florists, photographers, cake makers that they have used in the past, sort of guaranteeing that your wedding will be run perfect.

A wedding at a private villa

A truly romantic way to have a wedding on Ibiza is in a private luxury villa. This luxury comes at a cost and for those that have no budget will get what they pay for. Those with a lower budget, a villa can be very expensive and you also need to remember you will have to bring in most of the services like the catering, catering companies will charge as much as 75% mark up on decent quality food.

An important thing about a villa is that Ibiza, although a party Island has some strict music pollution laws and that is that music must be turned down very low after 12. Although a villa owner will not tell you this, you will soon find out when the nearest neighbor has called the police during your party event. A good idea is to get the wedding party done and finished by 12 and move onto one of the many clubs or bars for late night drinking and celebrations.

Ibiza has a wide range of villas and some of the best and popular villas are fully booked way before the season begins. So it’s important to get in early and book as early as possible to get the villa you want.

The Wedding Reception/Restaurant

<a target='_blank' href=''>Wedding</a> Venue viewA wedding in a restaurant is probably the best option for most budgets. After having your blessing at some stunning church or at a cliff top view point then moving onto the restaurant can save you huge amounts of money. You can be crafty and book the restaurant as an anniversary or birthday party, mentioning it’s for a wedding will just give them an excuse to make the bill more expensive. Book the restaurant agree a price on a set course meal with maybe drinks on top and save your-self a little fortune. Restaurants already have waiters, glasses, plates etc. So compared to a villa where you would have to bring in a catering company.

Most people want a beach reception and on Ibiza there are not that many, the ones that do exist in good locations operate very professionally and again they come at a high price and you will find that they are booked out a year in advance. These locations offer a great package and will fulfill your wedding dream with beach blessing, sea views and good sunset. Other big well established restaurants will also offer good package deals for a wedding, but may not have the beach location.

You can book a whole restaurant if you have a large party, this would mean you would need to negotiate a price to book out the restaurant so it’s exclusive to your wedding party. You expect to pay from around 80 euros to 150 euros per head for about 5-6 courses depending on the restaurant. The restaurant would provide a lot of extras towards your wedding for this. Overall a booking a restaurant for your wedding is the most popular way to do it on a budget.

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