Wedding Singer

There is hardly any other thing then music to connect people with other people or themselves – music allows us to feel on a very deep level and it enhances a peak moment like nothing else can. In my opinion it is not enough to just have a beautiful voice and hit the right notes – no there is much more to that. I realized that as long as we think to be brilliant we have not understood. It is not us singing or doing anything it is the divine. Ever since i understood that i got to channel something from a higher spirit that i cannot explain to you with a few words. You have to see and feel and experience it yourself. When I sing I touch a space in you that will make you have an unforgettable experience and this is exactly what my audience is looking for: something that deeply touches them and will be remembered for a long time. This is one amazing opportunity for you to include me in your special event or your wedding. With this spirit I would love to help making it a tad more special for you.” The music I love to sing most is pop, jazz, big band, soul and anything else that has a glamorous, feminine, and powerful approach. Every couple has their “love-song” when they first kissed or danced or at that very special moment when you fell in Love with each other. Let me sing these songs for you or let us put together an array of songs that will most certainly give you and all your guests goose-bumps. However besides singing at weddings I would also like to be part of other events. For example on your anniversary, a special dining occasion, birthdays, wedding-evening-parties and so on – I am very happy to contribute to your special moment. No matter what kind of event you are hosting – I am happy to provide you with a music-performance and there with giving you and your guests another highlight in an already wonderful evening. Let’s create magic. With Love, Aleah For more information and song samples please contact me on the form below.