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Perfect bedroom or wedding tent space

Bell Tent Ibiza is a service on the island offering beautifully, unbleached, cotton canvas bell tents for weekly rentals. The standard tents are perfect for creating an extra room, if you have guests at your villa and need more space. They can even be used for chill out areas by the swimming pool or for a wedding event, either on the beach or in the countryside. The Bell tents have endless uses in Ibiza because of the warm and dry climate. The tents come in 4 meters and 5 meter diameter sizes with 4 meter one being ideal for a couple and a 5 meter bell tent ideal for sleeping up to 8 people. The tents are also suitable for many other things like a dinner party or chill out place. The 5 meter bell tent can easily sit up to 10 people inside.Those who have night time events we recommend our Tipi Tents for the simple practicality of there being no guy ropes for people to trip over in the dark.  For  daytime events the Bell Tent reigns supreme.  This is the only kind of tent with sides that can be rolled up to allow a shady breeze within.  Both offer a circular space of 5m diameter and come equipped with our sumptuous and colorful Moroccan paraphernalia. Bell Tent Ideas : Your catering event, a garden tent to place your food and drinks under. An extra room at your villa for your guests A chill-out zone for those warm summer nights by the pool. For a wedding event to house the drinks or the wedding cake. Super fun children’s party hideouts (special birthday pack available). Original and comfortable bedrooms (for up to 8 people). A unique space for your healing and massage sessions. Magnificent chill outs for those intimate evenings that go long into the night. Impossibly romantic setting for the first night of married life. Deliciously self-indulgent bedroom fit for royalty, in the garden.

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