Ibiza & Formentera Occupancy Up
September 7, 2011
Ibiza Celebrant loves Ibiza cakes!
September 21, 2011

A strong fire is sweeping across the mountain at this time near Roca Lisa and Sol den Serra. The flames are raging hard on Puig des Moltons, an area ISNA, in which there are several houses, according to several eyewitnesses have contacted this newspaper, and apparently, have already begun to be evacuted. Eivissa fire fighters have moved several trucks to the area, according to reports from the island park, where they still can not realize the severity. From the Local Police of Santa Eulalia, who have received the notice to 20.06, say they have moved to full strength of what they have, the entry is occupied by Roca Lisa Fire fighters, Local Police and Guard Civil. According to eyewitnesses the flames are moving towards Cala S’Olivera, although from the Consell say that given the strength of the fire it is difficult to determine where the fire will move too. While several neighbors concerned about leaving there homes.

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