Spanish Flamenco Musicians

Flamenco Ibiza will provide some excellent typical Spanish flamenco music for your wedding event. Immerse yourself in Classic Spanish Flamenco style music for any reception, event, or wedding with this amazing musician. Born in Geneva (Switzerland) on September 6, 1962, he and his family immigrated to Spain. He has great passion and love for music, a passion since childhood. Based in Ibiza with his group of musicians called Ibiza Flamenco. His Flamenco Group which is represented by two or more components depending on customer demand, two-component includes two guitars and a jar. Group of five components includes two guitars, percussion, violin, and voice. They are open to innovate new harmonies keeping the purest Flamenco essence. Drawing inspirations primarily from themselves and the purest Flamenco artists. They have their own compositions as well as remixes of Flamenco and Spanish style compositions to create an amazing atmosphere. Performances will be between one and a half or two hours approximately. Which shall consist of two or three breaks of about 15 to 20 minutes Please contact us to work with you for your wedding event.

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