Flying Pig Ibiza is an innovative catering service for your wedding, private villa, yacht or special event. Flying Pig specialize in a unique concept that is with a mobile glass grill they bring to your private villa, event or wedding to cook a selection of different meats like the whole Roasted Suckling Pig, Whole grilled Island Lamb, Crisp grilled juicy Mediterranean Ham, tender grilled Mega Turkey. Using a customized glass grill, that is powered by (220V) electricity meaning no gas or burning of fuels or charcoal. Watch through the glass grill your meat cooking and even get involved in the process to make the whole experience more fun.

Flying Pig specialize in premium quality roasted suckling pig, Crisp grilled juicy Mediterranean Ham, tender grilled Mega Turkey and much more. They will make your private villa, wedding event the best restaurant on the Island! All products will be delivered along with the famous small Ibizan potatoes in rosemary and olive oil in a very special designed Show Grill.

The Flying Pig service is a great catering service for small or large groups who enjoy roasted meat. This is a clean and simple method of cooking in a unique glass grill and extremely tasty. The glass grill machine is delivered directly to your venue, private villa or yacht. No smoke, no dirt, no dangers.

Extras that Flying Pig Ibiza offers

A private beer keg service, now you don’t have to buy hundreds of bottles of beer taking up all your fridge space you now order a 30 or 50 Keg of quality Pilsner beer included with a new easy chill and tap system. The new system we have is electrical doing away with old tubes and gas bottles; this new system cools the beer down to 6 – 7 C within 15 seconds of plugging it in.

Flying Pig also offer a Professional Flying Pig Carving Service. For a few extra euros you can hire the Professional Flying Pig Carver will do the honors.

Flying Pig Table Set up & Decoration Service, A professional Dinner Service set up at your table at whatever location you want.

Flying Pig Delivers there services to anywhere on the Island.

Flying Pig will not touch your kitchen!

Flying Pig Specialties are perfect for Birthdays, Private Parties, Opening events and weddings.

Visit the Flying Pig website for all products.. Use the voucher number when ordering and you will get 10 Euros Discount on every purchase.

10 Euros Discount – Code REA 2011

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