Ibiza Buses price increase
June 29, 2011
Airport Numbers in Ibiza
July 20, 2011

Ten years ago film director, Julio Medem, chose the island as the setting for his romantic film ‘Lucia y el Sexo’ (Lucy and Sex); three years ago a famous brand of lager also promoted the island as a romantic place. Since then it has become fashionable for couples to hold their weddings in this idyllic destination. According to the Justice of the Peace’s office, 14 weddings were held in June, with the Secretary admitting that more time is spent sorting out the necessary paperwork and answering telephone enquiries for weddings than dealing with other business. Demand is not as high for July and August, but picks up again in September and October; it takes three months to receive the necessary permissions. The new fervour of marrying in Formentera has allowed a number of businesses to be set up, florists, photographers and car rental firms, for example, and provides welcome income for the restaurants and hotels where the receptions are held and the guests accommodated.

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