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Gold-Covered Rosemary Sprigs

Reviving a Romantic Tradition, New Ibiza Wedding Favours Company Offers Gold-Covered Rosemary Sprigs
Ibiza is undoubtedly one of the most desirable wedding destinations in the world. Regular visitors will also tell you the island is rich in wild rosemary. Since the middle ages, rosemary has signified love and loyalty, often dipped in gold and given as a gift to symbolise the transition for newlyweds who, whilst embarking on a new life, would always remember their friends and family. The bride would often wear a golden rosemary headpiece, while the groom and guests would be presented with golden rosemary sprigs. In this romantic spirit, Ibiza-based With Love From Ibiza have recaptured that spirit and beautiful tradition with their own gold rosemary wedding favours. With Love From Ibiza offers two different variations of rosemary with varying price-points for any size budget. Affordable rosemary seed packets “The Seeds of Love” may be given to guests (3.15 € inc P&P min order 20); gold sprayed rosemary sprigs recreate the original ancient elegance (8.18 € euros inc P&P min order 12). They are classically packaged in a stunning gift box with inlay card explaining the tradition. All sales are securely processed through Shopify via the website. “I love being out in nature with my daughter and after seeing so much rosemary around my home I started researching different ancient uses for rosemary,” explained With Love From Ibiza founder Jade Gandey. “I discovered the information about its use in medieval wedding ceremonies. Of course, with Ibiza being such a popular wedding destination, all the rosemary on the island and the fact that no one else was doing this, I decided I should be the one to revive such a beautiful old tradition!” It also serves as a great option for many couples who meet or get engaged on the white isle and have a UK or USA wedding


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