Occupancy Figures in Ibiza
October 14, 2010
German tour companies TUI and Neckerman extend season in Ibiza
November 10, 2010

Tourists in the La Marina district of Ibiza Town last week were treated to a spectacular sight while they were enjoying their coffee and toast. An episode of a television series, written by a German Island dweller, Burkhard Driest, was being shot, using the natural surroundings as a backdrop. Other scenes were taken at the Airport, the Casino and at a mansion near Na Xamena. In the original book the protagonist is an Ibicenco, Toni Costa, but the actor playing the part does not look like a typical islander, so he is now known as ‘the Cuban’. The leading man is Hardy Krüger Jnr., son of the famous actor from years gone by. The writer also plays a cameo part, portraying the uncle of this Mafia leader.

The film producers had the support of the Ibiza Town Hall, who restricted traffic to allow them to film a car chase and a shoot-out, and to include a sequence with a luxury limousine taken in front of the Pereyra Theatre. For financial reasons, most of the film was shot in Mallorca before coming to Ibiza to film authentic outdoor scenes.

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