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Wedding Celebrant

I live on Ibiza and my name is Hedley; I have retired from my career as a lecturer, mentor and teacher. I am a father and a grandfather; I love and I am loved, and I enjoy every day of my life. I have strong beliefs and convictions which are founded upon diverse experiences and the teachings of many faiths. Those beliefs are very personal, being founded and principled upon loving respect for others. I have throughout my lifetime contributed my skills and gifts both personally and professionally to many people and organizations; religious and non-religious, charitable and profit centered.  This incorporated organizing and project managing many large events.  Frequently my role was to act as Master of Ceremonies, sometimes as a speaker.  It was my gift to offer. I believe that whoever we meet, whatever we encounter, each was put in our path for a reason. Having made this particular encounter, please now allow me to become a part of your life in the role of celebrant for your special occasion.  It would be an honor and delight to help you create and deliver a unique and very special occasion for you. Whether you seek my help and guidance for the whole event, or simply as a celebrant and reader, my endeavor is always to enhance your enjoyment and happiness. Should your choice be for original words of your own composition, I can help you refine and hone them into a delightful and meaningful ceremony. I am an established Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and committed to the standards it promotes and represents. I respect the established faiths, and would never seek to undermine or displace them.  So while I am happy to base a ceremony around a particular faith, I commend you always in the first instance to a dedicated celebrant of that faith. Whatever your event or occasion, I can bring to it the necessary presence and leadership to make it a most enjoyable loving and memorable one. Readings, Blessings and Poems can all be drawn on to evoke the energy and sentiment reflective of the occasion. Celebrating and blessing new arrivals to our world; the giving and sharing of vows committing the joining of two lives for life, or the joy of renewing your original vows.  We must not of course ignore those more solemn occasions; remembering and celebrating the friendship and lives of those passed; joining together in a fond farewell, an enduring memory.

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