Ibiza – A wonderful destination

Spain is a very large country and it has some wonderful destinations within it to visit. It is a country that offers an exceptional list of things to see and do along with a long history of great architecture and culture. But one place in Spain is one of the most famous islands in the world which offers one of the best beach and nightlife holidays in the whole of Europe –  the island of Ibiza. This island is located in the Mediterranean Sea just off the east coast of Spain and is part of the Balearics. It is the third biggest in this group. This wonderful island has something for everyone because it is full of fun with some of the worlds best nightlife but also has large areas of sometimes breathtaking natural beauty and fantastic beaches.

What’s famous about Ibiza?

Ibiza has been famous for its nightlife and music for many years. The Island is also the home of the seven super clubs that have made a name for themselves all across the world. Although Ibiza is also famous for its relaxed lifestyle the island has an abundance of beach clubs and fancy restaurants that are just some of the big attractions that make this little island famous. Ibiza town, the capital, is one of the oldest towns in the world and  is a national heritage site.

Perfect time to go:

The island of Ibiza has its peak season during the month of August, when it’s warm waters and white sandy beaches make it a popular summer destination. The summer season itself begins in May when the first hotels open their doors and the temperatures start to hit around 20c or more. June, July and August are the busiest months of the summer season with August being the hottest. Calm seas are very common throughout the season and it’s easy to hire a boat and visit some of the secluded bays around the island. Ibiza’s season revolves around the clubs, as most of the visitors who come to the island come for the nightlife. Therefore the clubs open their doors in late May and close at the end of September offering some of the best DJ’s in the world who spin the latest tunes.
In addition to summer, you can also choose the winter season to visit the island. The temperatures are lower at around 15c or less, but the island is a lot quieter and it’s easy to find a beach with nobody on it, only the water temperatures are not very suitable for swimming.

Wedding in Ibiza?

Why choose Ibiza for your wedding destination? Apart from the warm climate – the island is blessed by mother nature with beautiful landscapes, unspoilt beaches and hidden coves and dotted with exquisite villas and private houses.  Scattered with pine trees and notorious for it’s amazing sunsets it really is paradise island. The past decade has seen a number of good quality wedding venues dedicated to wedding events appear on the island. You really couldn’t ask for a more perfect setting for your special day.

It radiates an incredible energy and magnetism and offers plenty of heritage and culture. It has been misunderstood in the past, being portrayed only as a hedonist’s island. However music and dance only play a part in the islands character and there is plenty more to discover. You are spoiled for choice with a wide range of restaurants catering for all tastes and budgets, beautiful quiet beaches, even in summer in some parts, and wonderful places to enjoy all that Mediterranean nature has to offer.

Ibiza is a rock island covering an area of 572.56 square kilometers (221.07 sq mi).

Whatever you wish to experience you will find here on Ibiza…

It is highly recommended to also take a boat trip to neighbouring Formentera, another island of magnificent scenery and nature.