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December 14, 2009
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December 16, 2009

Ibiza Town, or Eivissa in the native tongue, is one of the most cosmopolitan, lively, spectacular and fascinating places you could possibly hope to visit. From the cobbled streets and back alleys of the old walled city to the buzzing harbour area and main concourse, Ibiza Town nurses a surprise around every corner.

The harbour area is backed by a maze of cobbled streets, all lined with boutiques, souvenir stalls, restaurants and innumerable cosy bars. During the summer season, the place is constantly busy, but it is in the late evenings that the harbour really comes to life. Crowds pack the bars and streets, watching the club parades – lines of dancers and hustlers and generally beautiful people promoting the big nightclubs. Impromptu street parties are common, where a DJ will set up on a balcony overlooking the streets and get the whole crowd jumping within minutes. The atmosphere can be boisterous, exuberant and above all, welcoming.

Set slightly back from the harbour is the town square, a little more serene than its neighbour yet still just bursting with life everywhere you look. Cafes line the streets, and if you’re lucky enough to get an outside table then it won’t be long before you’re either serenaded by the duettists and soloists, or treated to other entertainment in the form of jugglers, fire-breathers and many other street artists. Talking of which, you’ll find more than one caricaturist in the square, alongside stalls selling paintings from local artists and many other souvenirs and hand-made items.

All this never-ending action takes place in the shadow of the imposing, impressive Dalt Vila. The Walled City, accessible on foot up an enormous stone ramp near the market, boasts an incredible history. Older than London, Dalt Vila held off the Roman Army in it’s heyday. Nowadays, the place is a veritable hive of history, and the views from its apex are not to be missed.

 Along the other side of the harbour, around fifteen or twenty minutes walk away, is the gorgeous beach of Talamanca. This great stretch of sand is lined with some excellent restaurants, and there is plenty to do on the beach itself. It’s popular no only with the locals, but is also not a bad place for a bit of celeb-spotting.

For clubbers, some of the island’s biggest nightclubs are right here in town. Pacha, El Divino and the “day club”, Space, to name but a few. There is a large gay scene in the town also, and Anfora is a nightclub which opens its doors specifically for the gay crowd, although all are welcome – just another example of the tolerant, relaxed attitude which is typical of the whole island.

When it comes to accommodation, Ibiza Town will leave you spoiled for choice. Whatever your budget, there’ll be something here for you. Ibiza boasts many fine four-star hotels, a new five-star, and of course self-catering apartments for the more independently-minded.

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