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Ibiza Celebrant loves Ibiza cakes!
September 21, 2011
Ibiza Hotels to Residential properties
October 5, 2011

As we reach the end of the season the wedding business is slowing down and the winter countdown has begun, for most of us here on Ibiza this means we start concentrating on the coming season ie: wedding season 2012, which starts with a vengeance in May 2012, many venues are already fully booked for May and June, although being such a large diverse Island there are still plenty of fabulous venues to choose from. The beach locations tend to book the quickest, but the gorgeous country venues dotted around Ibiza lend themselves beautifully for a romantic wedding.
Fortunately as I only make the wedding cake all I have to do is deliver the cake to the couples chosen venue. I have special carriers in order to do this, so that I can deliver them safely and securely. Trying to deliver 100’s of cupcakes with the delicate buttercream swirled topping and the handmade sugar flowers without these carrying cases would be a nightmare  Cardboard boxes and bumpy dirt track roads really don’t mix 
When it comes to the large tiered cakes (the biggest one I have made had 6 tiers) again we have special carrying boxes, enabling us to deliver smoothly, hygienically and of course safely.
I have had a wonderful season, meeting so many beautiful couples; I am also in the privileged position of making the wedding cake and getting to see the wedding! My partner is a celebrant host and often we are able work together, it really is a lovely ending to the months of preparation to see the couple with their family and friends enjoying Ibiza at its very best.
Of course this doesn’t always happen, as many couples marry in the church or have a religious ceremony. My partner is a spiritualist/humanist host, which does actually suit so people who want to have a ceremony where they can exchange vows of commitment in front of family and friends without the involvement of the church. His services are beautiful and very personal. (
We have received some beautiful thank you emails this year it makes all the hard work so well worth it!!!
If you are planning a wedding here on Ibiza, we would be delighted to meet up with you, we have many years of experience of the Ibiza white Isle and am more than happy to help point you in the right direction for you very special Ibiza day, which should be as unique as you are.

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