Massage &  Physiotherapy

Massage Formentera are aiming to bring massage and Physiotherapy to ever corner of the Island of Formentera. Without leaving your accommodation massage Formentera are ready to offer a complete and professional menu of massages and treatments.


THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE : Suitable for those with contractual or muscle problems . SPORTS MASSAGE : Relieves muscle overload caused by exercise. Both before physical activity as the end . CIRCULATORY: Improves circulation return . Indicated for tired legs and varicose . RELAXING MASSAGE : Indicated to treat muscle problems related to stress, using the help of aromatherapy. LYMPH DRAINAGE : Helps drain lymph fluid, which is indicated both pathologies where this movement is altered , and aesthetics to decrease volume. MASSAGE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN : Combines circulatory massage , back massage therapeutic massage and sensitive anti stretch marks on abdomen. MASSAGE FOR CHILDREN 5-15 YEARS: Make your child learn to care for small scented chocolate. REFLEXOLOGY AND FACIAL : Stimulating the reflexes , to improve mental states or physical ailments.
Massage Formentera use only the best in essential oils. See Oils below.
María Beltrán Blanesis studied at University of Barcelona and now has 11 years of experience of massage & Physiotherapy, she has worked in public hospitals with most recent one being Vall D'Hebron University Hospital. She also has great experience in various spas and Aesthetics and worked in the areas of sports physiotherapy, particularly for cycling and soccer teams. She specializes in back injuries and is also a Pilates instructor. So when you are getting married in Formentera and you are looking for some ultimate relaxation and pampering for your body then look no further than Massage Formentera.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the pure essence of plants that we use to massage as our base mix, their benefits increase the treatment effect. Each essential oil has its own flavor and characteristics. Some are relaxing and other help to stimulate , among other properties. Maleluca Essential Oil : Contains the healing power of Mother Nature . With a distinctive smell that will make you wrinkle your nose . Suitable for states of fear , depression, low defense , skin problems , circulatory problems. Romero : It has analgesic properties , so it is widely used in the treatment of pain. It is also a great antiseptic , astringent and is a circulatory stimulant . Help in the healing process . Lavender Essential Oil : A natural soothing to the nervous system. It is also an effective antibiotic , anti- migraine , hypertension , expectorant and anti rheumatic . Cinnamon Essential Oil : It's nervous system stimulant , is used in muscle , circulatory problems and has beneficial properties for the skin. Lemon : It is rich in vitamins , is widely used in aromatherapy in cases of low defenses as it has the property of increasing the production of white blood cells. Its scent is refreshing. SPECIAL Oils : Arnica Oil : It is a great anti-inflammatory so it in turn to treatments such as tendonitis or muscle inflammation in ... Rose hip : Helps reduce scars, Habosem and reduces the signs of aging , reduces skin blemishes . Chocolate: A special essential oil is an excellent alternative when you feel sad or just to delight those who want a massage with your special scent to stimulate the senses. Bach flowers : They are a great partner to treat various emotional situations. We also support 102 Original  oil herbs of DR.WEINDRICH and cream with ILEX among others ...

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