Transport companies fuel rise
March 23, 2011
Ibiza airport improvements and updates
April 1, 2011

The Balearic Government last week approved a new set of categories which will replace the current legislation concerning hotel ratings in the region. Tourism Minister Joana Barcelo has been keen to introduce the new calibre based measures, after it was felt the old legislation was too structure-orientated and did not take into consideration the services and quality of the establishment. The pioneering moves will allow hoteliers to decide under which category they wish to operate, after which they will be given a limited time to ensure their establishment meets the new regulations.

Barcelo claimed the move away from the architectural merit system, which until now has ensured star ratings were based on room size rather than quality issues, would help modernise the hotel system and ensure the islands were better equipped to compete with other destinations.

The star ratings will remain the same (1-5), although a superior category will be introduced for 3 and 4 star properties.

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