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Wedding Photographer

Albert Ribas made a connection with the cameras was with film cameras, working on black and white stills in a red room. Then came the digital age for cameras and from 2008 he began working with digital technology, making nature photography, portraits, fashion and weddings. Since 2012 it has obtained certification Google Maps Business View (Google Trusted Photographer) , carrying 360 photographs of interiors, integrated into Google Maps. In wedding photography, capturing those special moments that happen when you forget the camera is there, taking advantage of the special moment we have on the island of Ibiza under that eye catching light. Knowing perfectly on the Island, suggesting photogenic places where you can visit for your photo shoot. You can hire him the whole day for your wedding including at home, the time before the wedding so capture from start to finish of your big wedding day and of course this includes photographs of the couple during the ceremony , the banquet and the final party . If you want you can make a pre -wedding meeting, a week before the event to get to know the surroundings and where the best view locations are for the session. If you want to enjoy more photos, a post -wedding session is ideal to enjoy without stress and nerves this can be arranged.

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