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November 2, 2011
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November 9, 2011

Local residents, headed by well-known local businessman Martin Makepeace, have started a petition to try and get winter flights to various European destinations re-instated. Two weeks ago the Island Council announced it would not be renewing its agreement with the low-cost airline Ryanair, who received a subsidy from the Balearic Government in return for offering international flights to a handful of European destinations.

The group held a meeting with the Councillor for Tourism on the island, Carmen Ferrer, last week and hope to be heading to Mallorca in the near future to speak directly to the Balearic Government. The more signatures they have, the more bargaining power they possess, so please visit the below facebook page, and join the fight to get winter flights re-installed. It’s now down to you……..

Below is a copy of the letter which was presented to Councillor Ferrer on Friday.

Dear Ms Ferrer

We have started an online petition which now has over 1,600 signatures (in just 7 days) asking you to re-think your decision and strategy not to pay the previously agreed subsidy to Ryanair so they can operate international flights during the winter months.

We understand that in these economically difficult times it is a challenge to subsidise an airline to operate flights, but we believe you have a very simple decision to make on behalf of the island population.

Decision 1: Do business with Ryanair and we get several international flights per week from Italy, Germany and England bringing thousands of people in and out of the island and contributing substantial amounts to the local economy, stimulating the property market and promoting Ibiza as a winter tourist destination.

Decision 2: Shut the door to Ryanair and isolate Ibiza once again, seriously shaking the confidence of potential investors and those who want to visit family and friends or discover Ibiza as a winter destination. Most of these people say they are not prepared to travel via Barcelona or Mallorca etc at extra cost and time.

Ibiza is a world class brand and product and should be operated on a 12 month basis and we hope that the island government will try and find a way for the busy and prosperous summer months to cover some of the costs of the quieter, challenging winter months. International flights are a fundamental basis of our island economy and without these we cannot hope to compete with our neighbours and other destinations who are more than happy to do business with the low-cost carriers.

The good news is that we have spoken to Ryanair and the door remains open so we strongly urge you, as the government representing all the people of Ibiza, to speak to them again and help put Ibiza on the world map not just in the summer season but all year round.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Makepeace

To make your voice heard and join the thousands who are demanding direct winter flights, please

visit – http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/winter-flights.html

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