Hoteliers work with German and British tour agencies for summer 2011
July 14, 2010
Treat yourself to a luxurious beach holiday in Ibiza
July 25, 2010

Spain and Greece continue to offer the best holiday deals, according to money supermarket travel expert, Bob Atkinson. “The best value deals this year are to the eurozone, and in particular Greece, the Spanish mainland and the Balearics, and Cyprus,” he explained.
Shopping around for a good deal, traveling mid-week wherever possible, and setting a firm budget can all prevent costs running away from holidaymakers, he added. Ibiza still attracts many youngsters for clubbing holidays and is always a winner every year no matter what the economy is doing, die hard youngsters will always find a way to Ibiza.

His comments come as a recent YouGov poll commissioned by Turn2us, claimed that 38 per cent of parents will end up in debt as a result of going away on holiday this summer, with as many as one in seven (15 per cent) predicting they will be as much as £500 in the red by the end of their holidays.

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