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Airport Numbers in Ibiza
July 20, 2011
Hotel Simbad on the beach of Talamanca, Ibiza
August 2, 2011

The Town Hall has installed an information board and traffic signs to direct drivers to the spots where they can best view the natural phenomenon of the sun setting over the Mediterranean. At the roundabout on the main Ibiza/San Antonio road there is a large board depicting a sunset, welcoming visitors to the town in several languages, and pointing in the direction which they should take. The next two roundabouts on the way to Can Coix are also signed with arrows.

The new Tourism Councillor, Vicent Ribas, admitted that the idea had been that of his predecessor, and hopes that the measure will help to avoid the bottlenecks which occur in the Fountains Square every evening. The new promenade which passes Ses Variadas, between the port and es Calo d’es Moro, has proved a popular attraction for people from all parts of the island to visit the town and hopefully spend money!

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