Ferries to Ibiza
June 8, 2011
Ibiza Buses price increase
June 29, 2011

A total of 22 hotel and apartment complexes have changed their category rating since 2005, adding a ‘star’ in the case of hotels and a ‘key’ for apartments. Santa Eulalia has seven which increased their category during this time, whereas there are five in San Antonio, four each in Ibiza Town and San José, and two in Sant Joan. Ten are now categorized as ‘four star’, bringing the total on the island up to 28, a clear indication of an attempt being made to offer quality rather than quantity. Juanjo Riera, the President of the Hoteliers Association, believes that “the client is becoming more demanding and the hotel proprietors need to offer ‘something different’, so that they do not look exactly the same and offer precisely the same facilities – it is a question of bringing the establishments up-to-date or die”. He also welcomed the arrival of three new 5-star hotels, the Mirador, the Aguas de Ibiza and the Ibiza Gran Hotel, all of which attract a better class of clientele to the island.

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