Astrology and Marriage

Most people will have stumbled across a ‘Sun Sign Compatibility’ report. A bit like ‘Happy Families’ really, asking "Is a Leo compatible with a Scorpio?" if that’s all it takes....  Noooooooo! Not really! Marriages are made in Heaven... but so are Thunder & Lightening! Let me prepare a report for you, highlighting the features that you bring to, and expect from  your relationship.  This will help you better understand each other, and what makes those perfect (and not so perfect) moments together. Ask me about Partnership analysis. To everything there is a season, a time to every purpose under heaven. Most people marry only once, or at least with the intention of only once.  It is the biggest contract they ever enter into; bar none. We book holidays for the position of the Sun, farmers sow and reap by the Moon’s phase, anglers fish by the tides and Moon phase. Most definitely there is a cosmic time and place too do things.  Marriage especially! Let me help you choose a beneficial day to seal your partnership, ensuring that the planets are aligned in your favour.  Given a window of time I can identify times which will help ensure you commence your life together at the optimum moment.

Ask me about Choosing a wedding day.

We two now become one. As a couple you will develop a new joint identity.  You are you, and always will be, but you will both adapt to your partner.  You will each behave differently in your new role to how you behave when alone.  Every day will see you both create and develop a new ‘you’, alongside your original selves. This new identity or combining of people is called ‘synastry’,and a new chart is created by combining your two individual charts.  It will enable you to chart the ups and downs you experience as a couple, and allow you to understand the reasons behind them.

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That magic moment! Record that magical moment when the ring was placed on your finger, or you promised ‘I do’, with a beautiful astrological chart, printed in true colours on art paper, or a  chart hand drawn by a calligrapher. Any special moment can be recorded with an astrological chart.  Births are recorded by our Natal chart which is the blueprint for our life on earth. Ask me about any sort of Charts. Please accept my blessings and those of the Cosmos for your very special day.

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