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What to eat on your Wedding Day

Wedding Days are always the best days to be celebrated in a style and fashion, more so for the groom and bridegroom. This is the day you wish not to feel sluggish, bloated or have bad breath, so what to eat on your wedding day should also contribute to the wonderful moments of this day. A healthy eating habit is considered vital for such occasions. In addition, eating right also forms part of the fun during this day. Before the wedding day, most women usually want to lose weight. They have to eat right and do some exercise for several times, maybe three to four months for them to look magnificent for their handsome hubby to be and also fit into their wedding dress. Despite of these tips, most brides still do not have adequate information that what they eat on their wedding day is as significant as the type of food eaten for months. Some food can make one feel bloated, and with less energy and fatigue, thus leaving them with a feeling of deadness on wedding day. Therefore, it is important to know what sort of foods you should eat and those which you should not dare to eat on this special day you have been waiting for. Confront your catering company or wedding venue on what type of snacks and foods will be available during the day.

The types of foods to eat

Eating is important and so never skip a meal on a wedding day. Nervousness can make you forget about eating, but you must eat right on your wedding day. Taking Champagne when you miss breakfast and lunch will make you wind up more buzzed than normal. Skipping meals can also cause dizziness and make one be light-headed. Below is a list of foods that is recommended for your wedding food:

Asparagus• Asparagus- this food reduces bloating and also makes you feel full. Eat fresh asparagus stalks while preparing for the wedding day.

• Oatmeal- it is also known as the power food, it provides energy which can keep you all day and also make you feel full. Consuming a bowl full of blueberries for antioxidants in the morning is recommended.

• Fresh fruit- fruits have got minerals and vitamins and keeps you hydrated and also good for refreshing. Consider bananas, mangoes, melons and a stick with apples. Avoid berries and fruits with seeds as they can stick in your teeth.

• Chia seeds- Adding some chia seeds to your morning oatmeal during your wedding day is a perfect choice since the chia seeds contains omega-3s which is good for the skin. Omega-3s makes the skin look natural and glow healthy.

• Taking herbal tea is good for people who forget to drink water during the day and always avoid taking carbonated beverages or artificial sweeteners as they will make you feel bloated.

• Consume fresh vegetables and plain, black coffee when you insist of having some caffeine.

Checking your alcohol consumption especially before the night and the actual day of your wedding is very important. Drinking will make you fatigue, bloated and with unsightly bags below your eyes. It will also make you have mental lapses and embarrassed too.

The Worst Foods

Now, let us highlight some of the worst foods that you dare not to eat on your wedding day. They include:

• Diet soda- Carbonated beverages and certain artificial sweeteners will make you feel bloated. You should sort to herbal tea instead.

Coffee Beans• Coffee- Substances with caffeine always dehydrates people, and may leave you with an unpleasant breath. The dehydrating effect of coffee is the one responsible for this unpleasant breath and not coffee itself. Bad breath can ruin your wedding day when kissing or celebrating through yelling to your respectful invited guests. But if you insist on taking caffeine, take plain, black coffee. Avoid milk and sugar too, and drink a lot of water. Always brush your teeth and if possible swipe a slice of lemon over your top and bottom teeth.

• Chips- eating chips on your wedding day can make you feel bloated. This is also common with salty foods dinner rolls. Consume fresh water-rich vegetables, lean protein and low-fat dairy instead.

• Berries- fruits are considered the safest snacks, commonly used in many ceremonies and are important for your waist and face. Berries do not only stain your dress but can as well stick in your teeth (seeds).

• Gum- gum can cause bloating due to the sugar and alcohols contents. Brushing your teeth is recommended, but taking some mint will also do.

Good Luck on your wedding day.


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