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December 29, 2010
Increase in consumption by Islanders on Ibiza
January 6, 2011

The Transport Councillor, Albert Prats, pictured, announced last week that the first section of the Ibiza-Santa Eulalia road between Jesús and Can Clavos, will have two lanes in each direction, and four roundabouts, which will be the only access from the various country roads which join the main road. To reach the roundabouts a network of access lanes are envisaged, to avoid the possibility of head-on collisions and therefore ensure the safety of road users. Two further roundabouts will be positioned near the village of Jesús. Thought has been given to avoid any adverse environmental affects, and the proposed elevated flyovers have been dismissed as having too much visual impact. Prats insisted that they have looked for a “functional and acceptable” plan and that any complicated structures which would be difficult to modify in the future, if necessary, have not been included.
Ca Na Negreta will cease to be divided by the main road, as the project plans a deviation which will run behind the buildings, with a hedge being planted to avoid noise disturbing local residents.
It is anticipated that the financing will be available at the beginning of 2013, but the works may commence towards the end of the previous year, once the San Miguel road remodelling has been completed. The total budget is anticipated to be in the region of between €14 million and €15 million.

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