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Hotels in Ibiza
December 23, 2010
Dual Carriageway for Santa Eulalia
December 29, 2010

The two Administrators of the Grupo Playa Sol, Javier Perelló and Salvador Fornés, have assured that all the hotels belonging to the group will be brought up to standard to meet legal requirements by April next year, to be ready for the new summer season. There are 30 establishments which were found to be lacking to one degree or another, although only 14 of them were classed as ‘serious’. The majority of the hotels are still waiting upon the granting of municipal licences before the work can begin. Joan Serra Mayans, the Business Development Councillor, commented that permissions will be given at the beginning of the New Year, but that if the works have not been completed in their entirety, then authorization to open the business will not be granted.
Not all the hotels which were being run by the group are still in their hands, as some of the hotels which had been rented by the chain have been returned to their owners, most of which were small family-run establishments, which were not 100 per cent viable in the way GPS conducts their operations.

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