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White Island Ibiza
April 26, 2010
Ibiza Jobs
May 8, 2010

Ibiza the Island of dreams and fantasies, the white Island on the Mediterranean that has everything from super clubbing with is flamboyant nightlife to beautiful white sandy beaches and its cosmopolitan lifestyle. The Island offers every type of person some sort of satisfaction when they stay on this Island. So what are the sexiest hotels on the Island, what attracts visitors to these types of hotels that make dreams and realities meet.

Our first choice sexiest hotel is The Gran Hotel which is pretty new on the scene of hotels in Ibiza, the 5 star hotel located just outside the main old town of Ibiza next to the main marina. The hotel has views towards the old town of Ibiza and sets it up as one of the best hotels to view during the beautiful old town from your room. The next thing about this hotel is has a casino so you can live a Las Vegas lifestyle. More on this hotel is that it has all the spa facilities you can imagine along with every other modern facility that comes with modern hotels. Only 5 min walk to one of the most famous clubs on the Island Pacha. A modern hotel that has be one of the sexiest hotels on the Island. More here Ibiza Gran Hotel

Ibiza Rocks hotel is our next selected sexy hotel, because it sets the trend for a new type of hotel client. Ibiza Rocks hotel offers live music bands all through the summer. Although the hotel is only a 3 star the rooms are comfortable and all have balconies that look over the main stage and swimming pool. Ibiza Rocks in its fifth year has some big stars attending too really make this a sexy hotel to choose for this summer 2010. More on Ibiza Rocks Hotel

Hotel Garbi has moved up in the hotel business because of its modern brightly colored décor, making it a very sexy hotel to stay in. This hotel is a 4 star and offers almost all the modern facilities that you would need in a hotel. Along with full spa facilities and massive swimming pool and all this located right on the main beach of Playa Den Bossa. The hotel is also in a sexy location; only 5 min walk to the famous beach club Bora Bora and the big super club Space. This hotel has good prices and meets most people’s budgets. More on Hotel Garbi

A sexy hotel under the name of the famous club Pacha is the El Hotel Pacha which is only few hundred meters from the club. A sexy place to stay with its modern white décor and beautifully lighted ambience, this hotel seems like a 5 star on appearance. A place to be seen in , this in excellent choice if you’re into that clubbing style hotel. More on Hotel Pacha

You can find more hotels in Ibiza here Ibiza Hotels Spain

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