Party Hotels in Ibiza
April 25, 2010
High Life – Sexiest Hotels in Ibiza
April 28, 2010

The white Island just off the coast of Spain is Ibiza. An Island that now covers all types of holidays from relaxing retreats, Spa treatments, family friendly or clubbing crazy there is something for everyone on Ibiza, no matter what age you are. The Island has all typed of budget accommodation right up to 5 star luxury hotels with every facility imaginable. For an active person who likes sports, then you will not be disappointed, as the Island is known for its cosmopolitan nightlife, the Island still remembers and satisfies the people who don’t want clubbing and nightlife. One popular activity is diving; the Island of Ibiza has a 5 star PADI resort for beginners and experts. More activities on the Island are Paintballing, Quad bikes, horse riding, mountain biking and a number of excellent water sports.

If you like to explore then Ibiza offers some great exploration options, with over 80 beaches and coves to navigate too and hundreds of good sightseeing spots. Hiring a car or motor scooter is a great and enjoyable experience.

If romantic dinners and chilling out to a sunset is your thing, then you are will be in the best place in the world to listen to the trendiest music and watch a beautiful sunset and enjoy some typical Mediterranean food. Places like the famous Café Del Mar and Mambo are hot spots for any person visiting Ibiza and you will not be disappointed.

Trends for Ibiza over the last few years have been stag and hen nights and even more popular is getting married on the Island. Ibiza has welcomed this with open arms and a number of good companies are offering exclusive services for weddings on Ibiza. Another trend is live rock bands which was started by the famous Ibiza Rocks, this year will see more and more places show live bands to compete in the music market that young people are searching for. And the clubbing scene of Ibiza will never fade away as Ibiza still has some of the number 1 clubs in Europe hosting some of the best DJ’s in the world.

So make Ibiza your next holiday and you will not be disappointed, check out Ibiza Hotels Spain for some great discounted accommodation.

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