Official list of Bank Holidays in Spain 2012
October 19, 2011
208,000 people arrived on low-cost airlines to Ibiza
October 26, 2011

At a recent Council meeting it was agreed to study a change in the by-laws to allow couples to ‘tie-the-knot’ in one of the many World Heritage sites, such as the Santa Llúcia or Sant Pere fortresses in the Old Town. Ignacio Rodrigo, the Tourism Councillor, was in Málaga recently, promoting the island in the Expo Gays 2011 and he believes there are many sites which lend themselves perfectly to perform civil weddings, and an e-mail address has been made available, , where interested parties may contact the correct authorities. Although several functions have taken place in public spaces in the past, there has never been a fixed charge previously, but the figure was based on the requisites of each event. For example, when Abel Matutes’ (minister in the previous PP controlled central government several years ago and a member of the family which owns the Fiesta Group, amongst other businesses on the island) daughter married in the cathedral, the aperitif was offered to guests at the Sant Bernat fortress

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